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  • Fayetteville Educational Article of the Month - Will a rat in the attic have a nest of babies?

Will a rat in the attic have a nest of babies?

Will a rat in the attic have a nest of babies?

Rats located in the attic can create nests of babies when they have un-restricted access to the attic. Most home owners do not detect the presence of Fayetteville rats in attics until they have formed colonies of males and females. Rats often take their time to build nests and colonies, they are often attracted to a home when there are pieces of foods they can pick up, similarly, they search for holes and gaps in the walls, doors, and foundations. They also gain access into homes when garbage cans are left uncovered and are placed too close to homes. If the infestation of a North Carolina home by rat is detected on time, it will be difficult for them to establish nests of babies.

When Fayetteville rats begin to move into the attic, they bring with them food materials which they can store and consume at a later day. Rats are nocturnal creatures, they are able to survive in packs and become hazards to homes. Rats can burrow through walls, doors and even foundations before they find their way into the attic, these holes are mostly unsightly and may not be detected on time. Aside the attics, rat nests can also be found in other places such as walls, vents, eaves, chimneys and other places they can crawl through. Rats in the attic will have a nest of babies because the average human home provides shelter , food, and heat. The home also provides a natural protection against predators such as Fayetteville Coyotes Hawks, Owls, Foxes and Weasels that feed on rats.

On the average North Carolina rats produce up to 8 young ones at a time and , since young rats learn to search for food and mate very fast, they are able to build nests within a short period of time. One rats have found access to your attic, they may stay all-year round or simply visit year after year , especially during the cold months, just to get some warmth- these rats will return to your attic when they found out that their nests have not been removed and their entrance points have not been sealed. If you have also over-grown weeds and gardens around your home then rats can easily stay close to your home and eventually and gradually build their nests of babies. Rat colonies also have a culture of haring their nests, therefore, they can easily raise babies from different parents.

Rats often find a place around the attic where they can store food , build nests and sleep during the day and then search for more food in the night. The fact that they are night-crawlers makes them more difficult to catch , thus a proper inspection of their hideouts can help detect whether they have built nests for babies.

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