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  • Fayetteville Educational Article of the Month - Should I ever poison a opossum?

Should I ever poison a opossum?

Should I ever poison a opossum?

Poisoning possum is a dangerous way to kill it. Many pest animal removals may not suggest it though some have used this method. In suburban Fayetteville areas, the approach may vary according to the condition. The particular animal has disturbed neighborhoods and many have tried to kill using lethal traps to make them go away for good.

Trapping the Opossums
There is a way besides poisoning the North Carolina Opposum like trapping the animal. It is an ancient method that’s proven to be suitable when used in today’s condition. Trappers can set various traps that can killed the animals once they are captured. It works effectively since you don’t need to catch the animal on your own. It takes a little patience to wait for them to come near and get trapped inside. Cage trapping is one of the ways to proceed humanely approach like injection. Rarely used, the CO2 chamber is also another alternative of the trapping methods.

Hunting down the Opposums
It is unlikely to be done by Fayetteville house owners but the large skulls and small brain animal is a hunting challenge. Shooting animal on the body or lung can kill them quickly because when you shoot on the head, you could miss its small brain and makes it longer for it to die. The result, they can suffer.

Remember that North Carolina Opposums have defence mechanism. They can appear dead when they are still alive. Opposums are easy to bait or attract using proper approach. Make sure that they are really dead otherwise you will only do a short term solution. While you are setting traps, make sure that your Fayetteville yard is clear from any attractive items for the Opposums. These can invite them in out of a sudden just because you forget to clean the wood blocks. And when you are dealing with Carcass make sure that you have done precautions before handling the dead Opposums.

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