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  • Fayetteville Educational Article of the Month - What do wildlife rehabilitators do with groundhogs?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with groundhogs?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with groundhogs?

The state had assumed the role of managing the native Fayetteville wildlife and an orphaned or injured animal may hope to find its way to the licensed people who have been trained to give the best care and a licensed rehabilitator is the individual who had got the permit with the right training to handle the groundhogs.

The goal of the rehabilitation can be to offer injured, orphaned and sick wild animals the care they need to survive and afterwards they are returned to the natural habitats of their species. The rehabilitation is not the method to turn to wild animals into the pets. And the sick North Carolina animals will be taken care of until they are able to survive on their own in the wild again. The groundhogs have to fear humans for their survival and this is why the animals should be handled less. It is illegal to rehabilitate, to care or to handle the wild Fayetteville animals without having the right permit.

Before you call for the rehabilitation, you should assess the situation in a careful way and consider if the groundhog is at risk from the dogs, cars or even humans and other wild North Carolina animals. You should contact the rehabilitation center by the phone and do not send an email since it is an emergency. Use the towel, blanket or gloves to handle the groundhog and if it is frightened, put it in a dark area and put it in the warm towels. So far as the wild animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons. Whenever you can, take the groundhog to the North Carolina rehabilitation center without doing anything else about it. However, if you are not able to locate the rehabilitation center right away, you should learn how to take care of the animal. While handling any groundhog, keep yourself safe and only use the gloves whenever you touch it. You should be aware that you should not keep the groundhog at home as a pet since it is illegal to keep a wild Fayetteville animal to be your pet. Rehabilitation center understands that the animals want to live the free live as they have intended to and the animal is put in the place where it is possible to get the future.

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