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  • Fayetteville Educational Article of the Month - What kind of damage do bats cause in an attic?

What kind of damage do bats cause in an attic?

What kind of damage do bats cause in an attic?

When the bats are in a small number, they may not cause any problem but the problem arise when their colony has grown big and the common damage starts when guano builds up. Even if it is a small colony, it is good to deal with it whenever you can. The North Carolina bats are able to live for many years and if they have chosen a place, they may live in that place forever. The colony continues to grow as the years passes since the female bats give birth to the babies every summer and the babies join in the colony. After some years, the colony can reach to hundreds or even thousands of Fayetteville bats and this is when the really problem will start. The damage that are caused by the bats on your house may start from the minor problems but others may be even life threatening.

Having to hear the rustling or squeaking of the North Carolina bats on different occasions in the walls, chimney or attics, it may be the nuisance but it is also unsettling. It can be disturbing to enter into the living room to find an adult or a baby bat. When the bat dies or get stuck in any place in your home, its smell may be unpleasant in your home when it starts to decay. These problems may look minor but the Fayetteville homeowner should not ignore them since they may end up becoming bigger problems that may develop afterwards.

The problem when you have the North Carolina bats in the house is the unpleasant and the strong odor that may be the results of the dropping also known as guano. When there is a colony of the bats in your home, it means that over 30 bats will be adding the dropping into your home on daily basis. When the guano increases, their odor may be smelled into the house. Besides bad smell that it is caused by the guano, it can also carry some diseases that may threaten your life and in some cases it may be even fatal. The bats may not damage the wiring, damage the insulation or chew within the walls. The guano of the Fayetteville bats carry around the fungus called histoplasma capsulatam. The spores of such fungus are airborne and microscopic. They may easily move around the living space of your home. When they are inhaled, they may lead to the diseases called histoplasmosis and this is infection for lungs. The infection can clear itself on its own or it may lead to a chronic lung infection and this will require further treatment. When it is not treated, such infection may be spread into other organs and it can lead to death. When humans are bitten by bats, they can get rabies but this happens on rare occasions.

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